Connecting Incarcerated Parents with their Children via Personal Recorded Stories

Storybook Project

Current Pause in Operation:  Since Mid-March 2020, Rochester Storybook Project has been on “Pause” since our access to the Monroe County Jail has been temporarily suspended due to safety concerns resulting from the Covid virus pandemic.  At this time, we expect to be back in operation inside the Monroe County Jail when the Monroe County Jail System advises us that the virus issue is under control to their satisfaction.  In the meantime those interested in volunteering once our program resumes, should contact Britt Hopkin at (585) 309-6345.  We are eager to speak with you about our program.

About the Rochester Storybook Project

We have a new operating location.  The Rochester Storybook Project is now working in the Monroe County Jail located at 130 Plymouth Ave. South in downtown Rochester, New York.  Our project helps to maintain a bond between incarcerated parents and their children by making recordings of their parents reading stories, and then sending the recordings and the storybooks to their children at home.  Each child can then read along in their book while listening to his or her parent’s voice. In so doing, this program benefits both the child and the parent. Children get to hear their mother’s or father’s voice talking directly to them.  This helps to ease the pain of separation during their parent’s incarceration, and as an extra benefit, children are more likely to develop an interest in reading in the process.  For the incarcerated parent, the program offers comfort in making a loving connection with their children and family during this time of separation.

Want to Start a Storybook Project in a Facility Near You? – Please Contact Us!

For those wishing to start Storybook Projects in your local facility we can offer you helpful suggestions, send you sample forms similar to the ones we use, and share with you, application and  proposals we have written or used.  We also have advice on recording equipment and methods which can be tailored to your needs.  Given the benefits we have seen for children and families, inmates, and for facility staff as well, we’re eager to promote these programs in as many facilities as possible.