Connecting Incarcerated Parents with their Children via Personal Recorded Stories

Volunteer Info

Current Pause in Operation:  Since Mid-March 2020, Rochester Storybook Project has been on “Pause” since our access to the Monroe County Jail has been temporarily suspended due to safety concerns resulting from the Covid virus pandemic.  At this time, we expect to be back in operation inside the Monroe County Jail when the Monroe County Jail System advises us that the virus issue is under control to their satisfaction.  In the meantime those interested in volunteering once our program resumes, should contact Britt Hopkin at (585) 309-6345.  We are eager to speak with you about our program.

Come Join Us!

Volunteers participating in the Rochester Storybook Project at the Monroe County Jail (MCJ) need to go through the clearance process for entrance into this facility.  This involves attending a 45 minute orientation class which is offered twice each month at MCJ , and fill out a personal information form, submit a photo copy of your driver’s license, and agree to a background check.  Volunteers must also be at least 18 years of age, and free of any felony convictions for the previous 4 years.  For information about the orientation classes, and obtaining the personal information form, contact the Rochester Storybook Project using our e-mail address at

The Monroe County Jail is located at 130 Plymouth Avenue, South, in downtown Rochester.  The entrance for Orientation Classes and for our volunteers is located just off of Plymouth Avenue (a single door labeled “JAIL” on the right side of the outdoor stairs leading to the Plaza Level and the Public Safety Building Complex (the door is at the street level, do not go up the stairs).  Do not park in the Civic Center Garage as the signs inside the garage will direct you to Inmate Visitation Locations, not to the volunteer entrance.

Parking for Volunteers:  Once volunteers are cleared to work inside the Monroe County Jail, they can park their cars for free right next to the front entrance of the Monroe County Jail.  This avoids having to pay for “on-street” parking.  Volunteers get off the 490 expressway heading West right after crossing the Genesee River.  Take the first exit (Broad Street Exit), and immediately after the exit, turn right onto Spring Street.  Then get into the left lane, and cross Plymouth Avenue (at the traffic light), and go straight into the parking lotChoose any spot to your right after entering (left hand spots are reserved for the Crime Lab and attorneys).  Then immediately go into the Jail Entrance, and request a tag for your dashboard.  Display the tag in your front window.  When leaving, return the tag to the Jail staff.